Hypothesis Of Psychology


Write a research study:

In Chapter 12, you learned about some research studies that were done several decades ago, but still, give a great deal of insight to human behavior today. Please think about one of the research studies you read in this chapter (for example, the research done by Solomon Asch, Philip Zimbardo, Stanley Milgram, or another study from Chapter 12 only) and then design your own research study on the same topic that you would be interested in conducting today. Only the topic needs to be the same, your actual hypothesis, methods, and all other details should be completely different and adapted to today’s world. For example, if I chose Solomon Asch, I could design a research study about conformity that involves wearing a mask in an environment where others do not typically wear masks and watching for others’ reactions. Once you have thought about your new research study, answer the following questions. You may answer them as 3 separate questions, but your text should be 1-2 pages. Please be sure to fully answer the questions, particularly for numbers 2 and 3.

1- What topic will you be studying in social psychology? Which research study will you be basing your idea on? Then, give your new hypothesis. A hypothesis is a statement of what you predict you will find. For example: Eating chocolate causes people to feel happier; the majority of people practice social distancing.

2- What type of research method would you use to test your hypothesis? For example, I would use an experiment to test whether eating chocolate causes people to feel happier. I would give some people chocolate and other people crackers and measure the happiness of each person. I would use an observational study to test whether people use social distancing. I would walk around my block and count how many people are outside alone and how many people are outside in a large group.

3- Why is research important for understanding human thoughts and behaviors? Why do we need to use research in psychology? What could you learn from conducting your research study?

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