Hypotheses Method

Question 1

Abstract summary methodology and results Statement of research problem and other research finding on the problem literature review at less five peer reviewed article. The null and alternative hypotheses Method- how the research was conducted Analysis and Results Summary of descriptive inferential statistics of the data Discussion interpretation References bibliographic citations used in the study and analysis.

APA format.  At least five peer reviewed articles for references The raw data used in this study is a total b of 60 patients 30 with commercial insurance and 30 with Medicare over a course of 12 months recorded hospitalizations , length of stay and remits.

conclude that Medicare patients are more likely to have longer stays in the hospital because they have less access to preventive care and specialist.

Question 2

discuss or highlight in the paper the following points.

1. Marriage and indoctrination affect family in a negative and positive way. Family relationship based of strict religious indoctrination fail to experience happiness and true desirable love.

2.How indoctrination affect children upbringing and force them to never entirely be themselves.

3. Religious obsession in laws could eventually destroy the marriage how and why?

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