Hygiene in Hospitals

Topic – Wearing gloves outside in hall way, nurses station after care with a patient.
Write a

  1. A strong, measurable aim with a clear time frame establishes what it is you want to accomplish and will help keep your improvement project on course.

Develop a succinct yet complete aim statement. Complete the Aim Statement Worksheet (Word) for your quality improvement project topic. Post your project’s complete aim statement (the complete aim statement will appear in the last box on the worksheet once you fill it in).

Clearly state
problem or opportunity clearly stated?
Do you know what the team is going to do about the problem?
Has the team set a numerical goal to quantify the amount of desired improvement?
Do you know the calendar date by which the team plans to achieve the goal?
Is it clear who will benefit from the improvement?
Is the scope of the project clear?
Do you know why this improvement effort is important?

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