WITHOUT doing research of any kind, write a brief history of humanity (approximately .5-1 page)- you could also write this in a timeline form if you prefer.
Provide either a written or a drawn-out timeline of key events and about when you think those events occurred. It might be helpful for you to pretend a young child has asked you to describe the history of our species- think about how would you respond and what you would say to that child. For this activity, it is really important to not look up anything- just see what events stand out to you as most important in our human story.
Where do we come from as a species?
What are the major events and achievements of our species through time (when did these happen)?
NOTE: You will be judged on your effort towards providing a brief history of humanity (not on your views of who we are or where we come from as a species).

After you have completed step one- now re-read your summary. Write a 1-2 paragraph response of what might be missing from your narrative and how your own cultural, educational, and/or religious background might influence the way you think about human history. Reflect in general on what might influence our reconstructions of human history.
Some questions that might help you as you think through these questions (you don’t have to specifically answer the following questions but they might help you in reflecting). Are there particular histories included or not included in your story? (e.g., did you include ancient China, or Great Zimbabwe, or the ancient Egyptians as part of our story or not? Are there certain historic events- like those from Europe or from your country of origin that are highlighted in your story? Are there certain people we know more or less about in the past (e.g., royals vs. commoners)? )

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