Human Resources Audit Process

  1. Use the Human Resources Audit Guide to help you in-depth assess the Human Resources function. Answering all the questions will provide you with insight for your analysis…
    a. Collect the data… What did you find?
  2. After you have answered the questions. And collected your data…
    a. Conduct your Analysis.
  3. Your analysis should surface strengths and weaknesses (weaknesses in any department or function are not unusual….by the way)
    a. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses for each area and provide a rationale for your assessment.
  4. HR may perform in some areas, but there may need to be formal programs or measures for effectiveness in some places. There could be any number of weaknesses. Your analysis and identification of strengths and weaknesses should identify opportunities for improvement.
    a. Pick 3 Areas that could be strengthened.
  5. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses, choosing three areas that could be strengthened should be easy. These are areas you can address with your Action Plan.
    a. Develop an Action Plan.
  6. Action Plans should address areas of weaknesses identified. Approach this as if you have the authority to address the issues. I’m looking for Action Plans… not Recommendations. How are you going to measure success… or progress?
    a. Identify the Implementation Steps.
  7. Who will be responsible for what? Schedule or timeframe? Milestones or interim checkpoints? How will you measure progress?
    a. …. to clarify, The Action Plan is the “What,” and the Implementation Steps are the “How”…

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