Human Psychology

Question Description

Adrenergic Receptors/Beta Blockers

  • Just answer each question
  • Be concise & thorough. 3 pages maximum
  • Really try to understand what’s going on
  • Use your own words to explain that you understand, define terms as necessary

Please, follow the instructions below as presented

Instructions for this Assignment:

  • Your answers must be TYPED – not hand written. Edit your paper – it should not have misspellings. It should make grammatical sense.
  • Answer the questions asked in the space below each question – this is NOT an essay or term paper. The space available is not fixed, adjust as necessary.
  • The final product should not be more than 3 pages. 3 pages MAX.. This should require you to be succinct in your answers.
  • Do NOT copy selections from texts, sites, et al. Use your own words and show me you know what you are talking about. If you use clinical terms that you do not know – define them. Plagiarism will be noticed and result in a zero on this assignment. There is software to check exactly this.
  • Aside from Question #2 – where a well-organized table can suffice – Do NOT just provide lists. While a simple list can prove helpful they rarely provide explanations & descriptions
  • These are real world drug & issues that you may likely have to deal with in your career and/or home life – treat them as such. Show some effort to truly understand and explain what’s going on with drugs such as this.

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