Human Occupancy

Question 1

Now that you have explored the world in our course, you should have a good understanding of the patterns and processes of human occupancy of the earth. If you had to live somewhere else outside the US, tell us where it would be and why (specify the country). When selecting your new home, consider topics that we have studied during the course (i.e. as population, agriculture, language, religion, ethnicity, politics, economics, etc.)

Question 2

About Indonesia

What is the current population, and how has the population grown over time? What is the current rate of growth? And what is the projected population in 2050? What are the crude birth and death rates, the rate of natural increase, the incidence of internal migration, and the rates of international in- or out-migration?

Question 3

please follow these instructions:

  • Using your selected topic and research question, LOCATE a “population” that would be appropriate to study. Find a suitable source of demographic data (age, gender, education, occupation, income, access to medical care (insurance status), immunization status, etc.) and compare your ‘survey’ sample demographic statistics to your chosen population. Be prepared to explain the logic behind any restrictions or bias in your chosen data source.

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