Human Geography

You are required to consult relevant readings when you attempt the question. A marginal pass will be
guaranteed if you use lecture notes and a few reference materials derivatively. You are expected to
conduct further desktop research and show good evidence of independent reading Your paper should have at least 5 scholarly materials consisting of books, book chapters, and
journal articles IN ADDITION to website materials, government reports, periodicals, newspaper
articles etc.

For effective consultation, please present an annotated essay outline (with a clear thesis statement in the
introduction, a complete topic sentence for each paragraph)

A useful website to get public access to e-journal articles:

Important note for the structure and organization of the essay: an essay should start with an introduction
that briefly indicates the importance of the issue(s) discussed and the proceeding of the essay, and ended
with a conclusion, with several sections in between. You are also required to provide IN-TEXT

Academic English is about referencing and formality, including APA/ Harvard format, nominalization,
formal words, third person narration etc. If there were errors in these areas, probably you couldn’t get a
high grade even though your spoken English is fluent.

The number of “points” or “key points” you get in the essay does not guarantee a high grade if you
cannot even structure a solid argument in the essay. An argument consists of a claim, a reason and
substantiated with hard evidence. Quality in writing matters!
Essay topics: CHOOSE ANY ONE

Name one city or district (in Hong Kong or elsewhere) and discuss how it can or cannot be explained by
the Central Place Theory.

Are technological innovations capable of extending the carrying capacity of our planet, and solving
environmental pollution and resource scarcity problems? Give empirical evidence to support your

With reference to up to three prominent examples, what problems do migrants bring to a country? You
can discuss this question from the perspective of either a sending country OR a receiving country.

“Population growth drives development.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain with two countries
of your choice.

Define ‘unipolarity’, ‘bipolarity’ and ‘multipolarity’. What are the implications of the rise of China in the
current multipolar world order?

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