Human Evolution

Question 1

Post two or more paragraphs evaluating the significance of your selected mutation’s role in human evolution. Your evaluation should include the following:

  • A brief description of the mutation
  • A brief explanation of when and how the mutation occurred
  • At least two ways in which the human population benefited from the mutation
  • Your position on the significance of this mutation in human evolution
  • Reference to at least two sources outside the Required Resources
  • All references cited in APA format……………

Question 2

Please write a 4 page, double space paper on the following. Write a comprehensive lab report about researched human genetic trait, that they will track through three generations. Make up a family as an example, and use that. Please include a citation page as well. This should be super easy to do. Scientific method structure:

1. introduction: history and background of the subject, including your hypothesis

2. materials and methods: the way you do the experiment

3. results: your results and all the tables and graphs you have for experiment

4. discussion and conclusions: discuss your experiment results and write all of the conclusions

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