human development


Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory holds that each individual encounters different environments throughout their lifespan that may influence their behaviour in varying degrees. What challenges does this theory pose to an educator and how would you address these challenges in realising the ideals of human development?

Mark Scheme for Essay
1. Introduction- overview of essay in summary form 5
2. Describe and discuss the tenets of the Human Development Paradigm. 7
3. Select, evaluate and apply from the literature, relevant and current concepts, 20
theories and perspectives in the Foundation areas in addressing the ideas
presented in the question.
4. Integrate the tenets of the Human Development in highlighting 10
your response to the question.
5. Relate reading to personal experiences both as a student and a teacher, 10
and to the specific cultural and social issues which underlie educational
practice in Trinidad and Tobago providing evidence for claims made.
6. Develop arguments logically, establishing continuity and drawing 10
warranted conclusions
7. Technical requirements 7
a. adhere to conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation and paragraphing
b. be consistent in the use of the APA style for citations and referencing (6th edition)
8. Overall Conclusions 8
9. Overall Impression 8
a. originality of thought
b. creativity in presentation of ideas
c. coherence

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