Human Capital Managers

Project Description

Research Problem

This research study explores factors surrounding a school principal’s ability to function as a human capital manager and the essential academic preparation needed for effective performance in such a capacity.


This study examines principals’ perceptions of their academic preparation for their role as human capital managers.

Research Question

The study examines principals’ perceptions of their academic preparation for their role’s human capital management functions. The specific question addressed in this study include:

RQ: How do principals perceive the effectiveness of their academic preparation concerning their role’s human capital management functions?

H0: Academic preparation in human capital management can statistically significantly predict a principal’s perception of their preparedness for the human capital management functions of the principalship.


A mixed-method survey research design will be employed. This mixed-methods approach of an online survey will yield qualitative and quantitative data. Individual PK-12 school principal participants will be recruited from the United States using non-probability sampling. A purposive/homogeneous sample will be gathered online from those who will self-identify as current PK-12 school principals. Anticipated that 250 principals will participate in the study.

The study involves a twenty-five-item online questionnaire to assess current principals’ perceptions of the principal preparation programs they participated in before starting their principalship. Open- and close-ended questions consistent with the research aims to assess participants’ thoughts, perceptions, and perceptions will be included. Survey responses will then be analyzed to determine common themes and sub-themes. The survey will capture quantitative and qualitative data.

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