HR Workplace Issues – Investigation Protocol on Sexual Harassment Case study

Instructions – Interview Protocol & Report
Sexual Harassment Interview Protocol and Questions

Based on the sexual harassment case study (attached “The Diabetes Clinic”), develop an investigation protocol that includes:
a. Identifying the accuser, accused and possible witness
b. Developing an interview protocol with potential questions
c. Naming specific evidence that you would want to collect
d. Identifying the federal laws to be cognizant of, and the state and local laws for Boise, Idaho. Use the policy of your organization with regards to the organizational level.

2. Write a brief report based on your assessment of the case (assuming the allegation is true).
This report should model Guerin or a report from NYC Department of Investigations (attached sample).

3. Given the limited information of the case, you should raise additional questions and/or note where additional information is needed. Most important is you advise on how the organization should proceed.

The paper should include an introduction and conclusion and be informed by the assignments and readings, You may also use valid and reliable outside sources.

Sources: Guerin (2010), and any other relevant source that would be helpful to the case study.

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