HR Challenges

Develop part one of a two-part persuasive human resource (HR) plan that addresses and attempts to resolve a current HR challenge.  Include key concepts from Chapters 1-5.  Part one of the plan should be two pages and include a narrative.  The plan can also include a table, graph, or outline of related information.  The plan must cite sources per APA style*.

* Within the body of your plan, add the author and page number for direct quotes; at the end of the plan, cite your reference(s) in APA format.

Select the HR challenge of your choice, or choose one the Professor provided: HR’s Duty of Care for All Employees; Developing an HR Strategic Plan for the Next Pandemic; The ROI of HR’s Diversity and Multicultural Training; The Intersection of Recruitment and Selection and Diversity and Multicultural Programs; or, An Innovative and Successful Recruiting Plan.

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