How Cybersecurity Affects “informatics”

  1. Using what we’ve been studying so far, how would you explain what is Informatics?
  2. How secure are we?
  3. One idea about risk management says that the more dependencies between elements of a system, or with one system with other systems external to it, the greater the risk of failures, particularly those that can cascade in ways that amplify their impacts. The other viewpoints which we’ve been studying seem to argue that it is only by recognizing interdependence and acting prudently that all can survive and thrive. How does your thinking about resilience, as you’ve expressed in your first two answers, fit with this conflict of viewpoints? How would you resolve this argument?
  4. Suppose you’ve just been hired into an IT department, and are helping them review and update their information security plans, procedures and processes. It looks to you that based on these company documents (and therefore the company’s explicit knowledge about INFOSEC), that they are not considering the broader socio-technical or informatics perspectives you’ve just finished studying. When you mention them to your supervisor, she’s rather dismissive; those ideas are fine in the schoolhouse, she says, but out here, in the real world, we can’t afford to be distracted by all of that philosophical wheeze. Besides, it’s not necessary. How would you respond?
  5. Your boss (from Question 4) then asks you about the notion that INFOSEC is a means to an end, which she says makes it sound pretty routine, ordinary, not “mission-critical.” That attitude, she says, will make it hard to get funding for the projects we feel are important to keep the information safe and secure. How would you respond?

There is no minimum or maximum slide requirement for this assignment, although you are expected to address all elements of the prompts. The presentation should include a title slide and references slide.

The presentation may be created using presentation software that allows the presentation to include narration and be saved as a PDF file or video.

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