How Change Initiatives are Affected by Communication

Assignment Prompt

Based on the Stakeholder Analysis, identify the communication plan to the identified stakeholders to meet your project objectives and outcomes.


In the background, introduce your health concern (NURS 378 approved topic) and the context that led you to identify your health concern. You will explore the relevant background literature and theory related to your topic. Discuss its relevance to your local community health setting, organizational, metropolitan, state, national, and international levels as applicable. You will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of addressing the community health topic in your local setting, and explore the larger contextual impact related to this problem. The conclusion of this design is the proposal for the next steps to address the identified health concern.

Background Literature:  provide a critical evaluation of existing knowledge as it pertains to the topic. The search for background literature does not have to be exhaustive, but must be sufficiently thorough to convince reviewers that you are up to date on the state of the field. Demonstrate that you are familiar with your field, that you understand it and that you have a balanced knowledge of it. Cite recent literature and, if appropriate, indicate your awareness of any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the literature.  A minimum of 3-5 citations are required for this section.

The key areas to include in this paper are:

  • Background: Community Health Concern and Identification
  • Background Literature
  • Stakeholder Analysis Summary
  • Identify the stakeholder plan and timeline for each stakeholder to meet your project objectives and outcomes. Include the who, how, what, and where in your outline.
  • Identify any projected risks, challenges and/or barriers to meet the plan and timeline.

The stakeholder communication will form one of the sections of your Week 8 EBP presentation.  All work must be in APA 7th edition format.

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