Hotel Booking Advert

Your client is The Tawny, a luxurious country hotel in rural Staffordshire. The hotel offers a range of unusual accommodation options, including huts, treehouses, and a boathouse, and has various attractive facilities that are described on their website.

The client would like to run a search advertisement to increase bookings of their accommodation. They are targeting affluent couples who are looking for a luxurious and relaxing romantic break and they anticipate that most couples will be looking to book a weekend stay.

The company has therefore chosen to bid on the following keywords:

–             romantic getaway uk

–             romantic weekend getaway

–             romantic weekend break uk

–             weekend break for couples

The client would like you to deliver the following:

  • Design one search advertisement that can be used in conjunction with all of the company’s chosen keywords, explaining & justifying your design.
  • Recommend one ad asset to enhance your search advertisement, justifying your choice.
  • Specify which landing page your ad will send the searcher to, justifying your recommendation. You can either select an existing page on the client’s website or recommend the creation of a new webpage (in which case, you should briefly describe its contents).

Please include a visual mock-up of your search ad design (use the tool linked below to create your mock-up, take a screenshot, and insert this into your portfolio entry with an accompanying figure number and heading).

Note that you should explain and justify each of your design choices, supporting your justification with references to relevant sources.

Website link –

Search advertising mockup tool –

Key pointers

  1. You can begin with a brief definition of search advertising if you like, however it is  recommend not spending a long time discussing background information. Make sure you have enough space to tackle the core of the task – explaining and justifying your search ad design.
  2. you need to explain the design decisions that you have made and why – what are the benefits of designing the ad in this way? How will each of the design decisions that you discuss improve the performance of the ad? Note that you need to support this justification with references to relevant sources.

explain more broadly why the sitelink ad asset is the most suitable choice/why you think it will improve the effectiveness of the search ad

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