Host Countries

Question 1

Select an international organization established in Oman (it could be an international Omani company) which is operating in at least three different countries oversees, answer all questions and write a report about your findings. Below are the main areas that should be covered in the report:

1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the selected international organization and present your structure.

2. Find out the main three requirements the selected company has met to set up its business in Oman and outline the main two challenges the company is trying to handle with respect to “Omanization”

3. Describe and discuss the three main differences of management the organization is experiencing within its headquarters as compared to one of its international businesses.

4. Do a STEEP analysis for the same company within one of its host countries.

5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to highlight your findings

kindly use Harvard referencing style and use journals & books as references

Question 2

1 page, double-spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman

Answer this question:

How does personal branding affect (pro/con) professional growth in organizations?

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