Host Adresses

Q1 Analyze subnetting system and based on the information in the graphic shown, design a network addressing scheme that will supply the minimum number of subnets, and allow enough extra subnets and hosts for 100% growth in both areas. Circle each subnet on the graphic and answer the questions below.

Data Communications and Network
Communications and

Your solutions should include the following key parameters. (2 marks each)

  1.  Address class
  2.  Custom subnet mask
  3.  Minimum number of subnets needed
  4.  Extra subnets required for 100% growth (Round up to the next whole number)
  5.  Total number of subnets needed
  6.  Number of host addresses in the largest subnet group
  7.  Number of addresses needed for 100% growth in the largest subnet (Round up to the next whole number)
  8. Total number of address needed for the largest subnet

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