Home and School Connections

Part of an asset-based approach to working with ELLs is recognizing the cultural and linguistic resources they possess. The asset-based approach contrasts with the deficit-based model that once dominated how many viewed second language learners. As schools and educators, we can help close the inequity gap faced by our diverse student population by exhibiting asset-based behaviors and expectations, focusing on viewing cultural and linguistic differences as assets and not deficits.
You have been asked to create a video presentation for the administrative team of your school about leveraging home and school connections to support English language learning in your grade level 9th grade or content area. Write down what you would say if asked about the following:
* Cultural influences, cultural competence, and social-emotional needs of ELLs in teaching and learning
* Intentional strategies for family and community engagement that support and highlight the assets of home language, communication, family involvement, and culture to build family, community, and school partnerships
* Inclusive school and classroom environment taking into consideration language acquisition and key environmental factors such as family, community practices, and the role of culture in student learning
* The role that family and community practices have in influencing language learning

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