Hofstede Model of National Culture

Module Two Assignment Template

Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.

Part One: Common Information for Each Country

InformationUnited StatesCountry Selected for Course Project
Government Type[Insert text.][Insert text.]
Commonly Spoken Languages[Insert text.][Insert text.]
Commonly Practiced Religions[Insert text.][Insert text.]
How to Greet Men and Women[Insert text.][Insert text.]
General Negotiating Styles[Insert text.][Insert text.]
Accept Business Attire[Insert text.][Insert text.]
  • Identify three tips for doing business in the non-U.S. country you selected for your project.

[Insert text here.]

Part Two: Hofstede Model of National Culture

For each of the six cultural dimensions in Hofstede’s model of national culture, list the score for both countries and then draw conclusions based on the differences in scores between the two countries. To find the scores, use this tool: Hofstede Insights: Compare Countries. When you select both countries, the tool will give you the scores. You should also select the option to read more about your selected countries to learn about the implications of those scores.

Cultural DimensionUnited StatesCountry Selected for Course Project
Power Distance Index (PDI)[Insert score.][Insert score.]
Individualism Versus Collectivism (IDV)[Insert score.][Insert score.]
Masculinity Versus Femininity (MAS)[Insert score.][Insert score.]
Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)[Insert score.][Insert score.]
Long-Term Orientation Versus Short-Term Normative Orientation (LTO)[Insert score.][Insert score.]
Indulgence Versus Restraint (IVR)[Insert score.][Insert score.]

Part Three: Conclusions

Draw conclusions on how doing business in the country you selected will differ from doing business in the United States

  • Identify any significant differences in scores between the two countries.

[Insert text here.]

  • Draw conclusions on the significance of the large differences in scores.

[Insert text here.]

  • List conclusions on the differences in doing business between your two countries based on cultural dimension scores.

[Insert text here.]

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