HNA protocol

Design a HNA protocol ​for a health issue in a community of your choice.​​ (2500 words)

Imagine that you have been tasked with leading a Health Needs and Capacity Assessment by your local Government. Demonstrate your understanding of the key considerations and approaches to take. You should include:

  1. An overview of the health issue and targeted community/population
  2. A description of the organizations/actors needed to engage with to inform the assessment
  3. Your approach to engaging with the public to identify their needs: including-
  • The information gathering techniques you would employ and rationale for their use
  • Barriers and levers to engagement with the public through your chosen technique
  1. Examples of information gathering tools you would use, included as appendices. These tools can be questionnaires, focus group schedules, interview schedules or other information gathering descriptions as rationalize in section 3.
  2. Potential conflicts of interest and how you may mitigate them.

Throughout your assignment, you should refer to literature to support your decision making and to HNA’s already conducted within your chosen health issue/community, to guide your considerations. You should also consider local or national frameworks that you are aware of (e.g. NICE 5 step approach used in the UK) and how the framework can inform your decision making.

You can use the case studies in the eBook as a guide to the types of things to consider in your approach. Bear in mind that these case studies have been conducted and are reflecting on the experience rather than planning for one to be conducted.


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