History Times

You will select one (1) woman (Real or Fictional) from History or Current times and examine her life in the context of what you learn here.

It is ok to give a short biography but also include:

1) What unique strengths did she possess that enabled her to survive in her time,

2) What unique challenges did she suffer,

3) What have you personally learned from studying this woman.

Thoroughly research this topic using at least 8 scholarly Journal Articles or other relevant resources.

A Scholarly resource is defined as a published study or article in a peer reviewed Journal of Psychology, such as is contained in the Journal of Personality Theory published by the APA. An academic book may also be considered a scholarly source. You may use your text books as one scholarly source each. You may use an historic or other unique reference that is considered academic, scientific, or historically valid.

Please use APA format.

Your paper should be about 1000 words.

ATTENTION: Say for example you pick Hillary Clinton as your person. You may first research Hillary by name but you aren’t likely to find scholarly articles on her alone. But think about her as a person. Research “Professional Women”, “Women in Politics”, “Working Mothers”, etc. Think about what challenges your person had and use that as a basis for your research. It will make it easier and more fun for you to write.

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