History Project

The purpose of this assignment is to build on the feedback you have received on your topic, bibliography, thesis, presentation and draft, to produce a polished paper and presentation that showcases your learning for the semester.
Summary of assignment:

Part I: The Paper
Review the research paper instructions and the feedback you received on your topic, bibliography, thesis and draft.Rewrite your draft to produce a final polished paper. Your final paper should include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, at least five paragraphs supporting your thesis, and a strong conclusion that summarizes your argument. Attach your final bibliography at the end, and create a cover page with your name, date, and the title of your paper. The title should be more than a statement of the topic, and should give the reader a sense of what the paper is about. Example:
*Nathan Meeker: Statesman and Craftsman
*The Ludlow Massacre: Fear and Superstition in a Mining Town
*The Frontier: A Meeting of Cultures and of Ambitions

As with the draft, make sure each paragraph contains at least one quote from your research and that you use primary sources as well as secondary texts. Always follow quotes with your own analysis or comment, and caption all illustrations.

The paper should be 5-7 pages in length, not including a title page and the notes and bibliography, or roughly 1500-2100 words.

Part II: The Presentation
Review the Presentation Instructions. Review the feedback you got in Week 5 carefully. Make sure you have the following:
*At least five slides, each with an image
*Captions on all the images
*An audio track
*A sixth slide with a suggested reading list of at least three sources in Chicago format. There should be a short note with each suggested source telling the viewer something about the source.

Final papers and final presentations should be submitted to the assignment folder as two different files by midnight on the due date (found in your course schedule)

Summary of Paper Requirements
5-7 pages (1500 words) long, 1 inch margins, page numbers on every page, double spaced, 12 point font.
Spelling and grammar count
Thesis statement in first paragraph required
Works cited or bibliography required (even if you already submitted one)
Your bibliography should be cited in correct Chicago style, and include, at a minimum, the following five sources.
2 primary sources
1 scholarly journal article
1secondary source (not your assigned web text or other textbook)
1 additional source as you like.
Quotes or evidence required in every paragraph, along with analysis to support your thesis
There must be a conclusion that reiterates your argument.
Title page with your name and a full title for the paper
The title should be more than the topic. It should say something important about the thesis of the paper. See blow for the Presentation instructions.
It will be scanned automatically for plagiarism.

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