History and Terminology of Human Resource Management

As discussed throughout the reading, the field of Human Resource Management is quite complex. During the first three classes, you have completed reading assignments that have provided you with an introduction to the field. As mentioned in the reading and course materials, there are several definitions of HRM and various subtopics of study are closely aligned with HRM (e.g., compensation, benefits, organizational development, training, etc.).

This formal writing assignment is to be based upon course reading and individual research. The paper should include the following information:

·    – An introduction to the field of Human Resource Management.

· T – Thorough information about how one researcher’s (i.e., Maslow, McGregor, Smith, Owen, etc.) studies contributed to the field of HRM.

·    – An explanation of how one of the subtopics of HRM is related to the field.

o    For example, if you choose the topic of compensation, explain its relationship to the field of HRM using a theory to support its relationship.

Note: In order to complete this assignment it is important that you use National Paralegal College’s Library resources, such as LIRN and Google Scholar, to locate scholarly research articles.

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