History 7A Questions

Essay questions:  Write a five-to-seven paragraph essay about one of the following topics, including material from both texts, and the lectures.  You can write your essay ahead of time.  Please include at least five citations from the Divine textbook.

Example for citations:

(Divine, p. 25)

1.  Discuss the significance of religion in the early history of the United States.

2. Compare and contrast the Spanish, French, and British colonies.

3. Discuss the lives of women in colonial times.

    4. Trace the deterioration of relations between Britain and the colonies.

5.  How did the arrival of Europeans affect the lives of the Native-American population?

6.  What were the most important developments for people of African heritage in the Western hemisphere?

7. What were the important similarities and differences between the original British colonies?

8.  What are some of the most important political developments in early American history?

The midterm will cover the period from the first Americans to the outbreak of the American Revolution, chapters 1 to 6 in the Divine book.

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