Historical Significance

Question 1

Select one of the following three trials to analyze: Leo Frank; The Scottsboro boys; or Sam Sheppard. Read as much as you can about your selected case on this site. Obtain at least two other research sources on the case through Internet or other research. Write a paper concerning the case where you discuss the following issues:

  1. the factual background of the case;
  2. the evidence introduced against the defendants at trial;
  3. the outcome of the case at trial and on appeal;
  4. the legal issues involved in the case and historical significance of the case in the American legal system;
  5. Conclusion.

Please attribute your research and any ideas that are not your own. Please include a works cited page at the end of your paper. A suitable length on this assignment is 8-12 paragraphs.

Question 2

Prepare a section of your Capstone Portfolio by identifying common ethical issues in two of the following areas within the criminal justice system: law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and social services. Once you have identified one or two issues for two of the areas, provide some suggestions on how they may be overcome

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