Histographical Essay

Overview: For this assignment, you will decide which topic you will be focusing on for your historiographical essay. Your research outline should include:

  1. A brief introduction to your chosen topic, a description of the topic’s historic relevance, and recognition of potential challenges and limitations to the research. In this submission, you should be sure to incorporate feedback received on your initial paper topic identification. 2. A minimum of four research questions that directly relate to your chosen topic, address issues of historiography in relation to your topic, and assist you in evaluating historiographical debates. The questions you identify should help you make progress towards completing the required elements of your final historiographical essay. 3. A minimum of five search terms or phrases to support your topic research and research related to your research questions. This may take the form of a bulleted list, but should take into account variations in how different historians and scholarly resources may refer to key terminology related to your topic. This list should include things like variations in how sources document names, concepts, or locations (Trotsky vs. Trotskii, Kerensky vs. Kerenskii, cadets vs. kadets, czar vs. tsar); refer to national ownership/identity (Soviet-Polish War vs. Russo-Polish War), or synonyms and closely related terms used throughout the historiography (peasant vs. laborer, revolution vs. uprising, Comintern vs. The Communist International). 4. A minimum of three scholarly sources to support your research. These may include books, scholarly journals, and primary sources.

Submit your research outline to your instructor to gain additional feedback and guidance in support of your final historiographical essay. In order to pass this assignment, you must be receive at least “Needs Improvement” for each critical element included in the rubric. You are allowed to re-submit this assignment as many times as necessary. This submission should be explained in 1–2 typed pages.

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