Heterotrophs and Reproductive Structure


  • Are fungi autotrophs or heterotrophs? ___________________
  • A mass of hyphae filaments is called a ___________________
  • Black bread mold is an example of __________ fungi.
  • Which structure produces spores in zygospore fungi? ____________.
  • In which structure does meiosis occur in zygospore fungi? ___________________..
  • What type of unique structure do sac fungi produce during sexual reproduction? _______________________.
  • What is the name of a reproductive structure in sac fungi where spores are produced and released? ____________________.
  • Which fungi produces an antibacterial substance discovered by Alexander Fleming? ___________________.
  • In which two ways can yeast reproduce asexually? ________________________________________________.
  • What metabolic process do yeast perform that is used in alcohol production? _________________________.
  • What is the common name for club fungi? _____________________.
  • Where are basidia located on cup fungi? ______________________.
  • An association between fungi and a cyanobacterium or green alga is called a __________.
  • Which type of symbiotic relationship is represented by mycorrhizae? ___________.
  • Contrast fungi and animals in terms of their method to gather nutrients. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  • Why is it advantageous for fungi to reproduce sexually and asexually? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  • Why does the relationship between plants and mycorrhizae is mutualistic rather than parasitic?

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