Health Promotion, Education and Disease Prevention

This week we will define health and objectives for promotion and prevention. We will also explore emerging populations, health policy and delivery systems. Vaccinations and their benefits will be discussed.

ASSIGNMENT 1 (foundations of health promotion) 275 words
Exploring the concepts of health: Why is the way an individual defines health and health problems important? What are the implications for advanced practice nurses? Which theoretical model of health is of particular interest to you? Why?

ASSIGNMENT 2 (vaccinations) 275 words
Locate current evidence based literature discussing the pros and cons of vaccinations. Include the controversy and how to approach a patient who inquires about the safeness of vaccination.

REQUIREMENTS: 2 high-level scholarly references in APA 7TH ED from within the last 5 years for each assignment.

Immunization Schedules | CDC
Vaccine Schedules App | CDC
Writer: also see attachment labeled Health Promotion Guide

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