Health Promotion

Choose an existing health promotion intervention for a specific population or disease.
a. Identify one health promotion and disease prevention theory on which this is based.
b. Describe the evidence for the strengths and limitations of the intervention.
Examples of health promotion interventions are:
Healthy Eating Program
Smoking Cessation Program**
There are examples of this assignment attached that you may review to help with writing your paper.
Minimum: 4 pages, Maximum: 5 pages (not including references)


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Theories and Models
● Ecological Models
● The Health Belief Model
● Stages of Change Model (Transtheoretical Model)
● Social Cognitive Theory
● Theory of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior

Gehlert, S., & Ward, T. S. (2019). Theories of health behavior. In S. Gehlert & T. A. Browne (Eds.), Handbook of health social work (3rd ed., pp. 143-163). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

2 additional sources.

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