Health Promotion

“Instructions: Health promotion models offer meaningful frameworks for application in advanced nursing practice. Consideration of the variables that influence health is essential for effective health promotion. Through a holistic lens, the MSN-prepared nurse can employ health promotion models to engage with others and improve health and well-being.

Create a short case scenario involving a MSN-prepared nurse providing health promotion and preventive education for a client regarding health concerns involving one of the body systems discussed during this week’s lesson.
Describe the health promotion model or concepts that you would apply in this situation and why.
Identify two variables that would influence the health promotional efforts and explain the impact of each.
Explain how competency in advanced physical assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology will facilitate the health promotion process

The Head, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (HEENT) Exam is usually the initial part of a general physical exam according to Bates examination, after the vital signs. Like other parts of the physical exam, it begins with inspection, and then proceeds to palpation. It requires the use of several special instruments in order to inspect the eyes and ears, and special techniques to assess sensory function. Assessment of each of these areas will include associated risk factors, relative developmental and cultural considerations, the gathering of objective data through examination techniques, opportunities for patient teaching, and documentation of findings.

The integumentary system is comprised of the skin, hair, and nails. The skin keeps the body in homeostasis despite daily assaults from the environment. It retains body fluids while protecting underlying tissues from microorganisms, harmful substances, and radiation. It modulates body temperature and synthesizes Vitamin D. Hair, nails, and sebaceous and sweat glands are considered appendages of the skin.

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