Health Products

Question 1

visit two different drug stores and conduct a comparison of two products in the same category (e.g., weight loss pills, cough syrup, dietary supplements, wrinkle remover, etc. In addition, conduct a brief interview with ONE pharmacist from EACH store using a pre-determined set of questions. Following the product comparison and pharmacist interview, a 3-4 page in-depth written report based on information gathered during the visits is required.  The following questions should be addressed using the information gathered from the products as well as the interview with the pharmacist:

1) Why are some products more expensive than others even though they contain the same amount of active ingredient?

2) What product would you choose to use and why?

3) What influenced you to select these products?

4) What do you look for when you buy products?

5) How were you treated by the pharmacist?

6) What defining knowledge did you learn from this activity that contributes towards making more informed decisions as a consumer of health products?

Question 2

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks or genocide, there are often more survivors than fatalities. Survivors may experience a variety of trauma symptoms, including intense fear, crippling grief, guilt, disorientation, and rage. In addition, survivors may be at risk for developing psychological disorders, such as depression and PTSD. There is often a marked variation in the way in which survivors react to terrorism and genocide, depending on factors such as proximity to the traumatic event, intensity of trauma symptoms following the event, and personal coping strategies previously employed by the survivors.

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