Health Informatics Module 3 Questions

(Question 1)

M3 Field Exploration – How useful are online PHR tools?

How useful are online personal health records tools?
Conduct a search online, look at different personal health records tools, choose one of them, and write a brief reflection of your observations by answering the following questions:
What features did you think would be useful?
What features did you find not so useful?
How would consumers’ health literacy skill levels might impact the use of online PHR tools in general?

(Question 2)
Step 1: Choose one of the cases (as cited in the M3 Content Guide) below:

M3 Content Guide

• Medical Ethics
o Rhodes R. (2019, December 3). Why not common morality? Journal of Medical Ethics, 45, 770-777. Retrieved from
• Health Literacy
o Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (n.d.). Health Literacy. Retrieved from
• Gabrieli’s Three-Zone Confidentiality Model
 Dick, R. S., Steen, E. B., & Detmer, D. E. (1997). The computer-based patient record: An essential technology for health care (revised ed.). Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. Retrieved from
 Search the phrase three-zone medical confidentiality model on the page with the help of your browser’s find feature. The image is also provided in this content guide.

Three-Zone Confidentiality Model (Source: Dick et al. (1997))

  • Least Sensitive And Not Necessarily Confidential [Outer Zone]
  • Demographic Data
  • Some Health Status Information
  • Data on Utilization of Health Care Services
  • Accidents and Injuries
  • Immunizations; Certain Screening Tests
  • Sensitive And Traditionally Confidential [Middle Zone]
  • Illness-Related information
  • Extremely Sensitive [Inner Zone]
    • Patient-Physician Communication
    • Psychiatric
    • Substance abuse
    • Sexuality
    • Life Style

Readings for our “Informed Consents and the Patient Experience” discussion:

Cases for the “Case Analysis” essay:

Video on Health Literacy:

Recent Cases:

Early Cases:

Step 2: Review your case and use the following to help shape your analysis:

  1. Gabrieli’s Three-Zone Confidentiality Model
  2. Patient control of Information
  3. Privacy and confidentiality laws
  4. Use of information for social good
  5. Medical ethics

Step 3: Conduct a research online to find 2-3 scholarly resources and 2-3 web references to support your perspectives. I would also encourage you to find out and report any developments related your case since the publication of the article that covered the case. You can use  College’s Online Library or any online library as part of your research. 

Your essay should be 3-4 pages long (excluding your cover and bibliography pages), double spaced, and formatted according to APA Style.  

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