Health Disparities in the U.S

Health essay

Your second project assignment for the semester will allow you to analyze an article about health disparities. You will critically evaluate the article and explore the need to address health disparities in America. Health in the United States is a complex and often contradictory issue. On the one hand, as one of the wealthiest nations, the United States fares well in health comparisons with the rest of the world. However, the United States also lags behind almost every industrialized country in terms of providing care to all its citizens. The 1000-word essay is to help you understand health disparity and identify key details from an article of your choice. 

Please pick a peer-reviewed article and evaluate. I have attached some samples to this module that you may use if you like. However, if you prefer a topic you are passionate about, by all means please choose an article which explores an area of your interest. 


  • Identify the causes of health disparities.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of health disparities and the social determinants of health.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret statistics that aid in comprehension of the material.

Process: Write a 1000 word essay detailing your thoughts on health disparities after reading the attached articles. 

*Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced. 

Some Questions to Consider:

  • The claim that race and ethnicity disparity exists in the United States in terms of life expectancy and infant mortality rates. What specific facts are stated to support this claim?
  • The claim that African Americans have a higher incidence of several diseases. What diseases are specifically mentioned to provide examples and support of this claim?
  • Why is diversity in healthcare significant? Consider gender, socio-economical, and ethical factors.
  • What are some possible solutions for achieving equality in healthcare?
  • Why is diabetes most prevelant in the southeastern USA? What programs/interventions are in place to combat this disparity? 

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