Health Care Policy


Week 3Health Care Organization and Health Care Delivery Issues?Primary, secondary, and tertiary care?Delivery of health care: Health care systems?Policy Institutes?White Papers Readings: ?Porche (2019): Chapters 14 (pp. 263-271) and 17 (349-358)Recommended Reading:?Bodenheimer and Grumbach: Chapters 5 & 6 (pp. 45-74)Week 3 Content ?Go to Modules on the Course Menu, click, and scroll down to Week 3 contentJournal Article(s):Moore, C. (2017). Policies that restrict full utilization of nurse practitioners in primary care. Nursing Economic$, 35(2), 70-99.Class Activity 1 (5 points):

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 Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing4NSG 5130: Health Care Policy and Leadership Online Activities and Assignments5.2.19?See instructions following the grid Based on the policy brief that you submitted present a policy speech. This is a recorded presentation using Kaltura media. ?Follow the instructions for using Kaltura located in the CANVAS Course Menu under APA Documents/Resources. ?Develop a policy speech in Kaltura utilizing Porche (2019) Box 15-10 Policy Speech Guidelines to organize the presentation  ?Utilize the Policy Brief Evaluation Criteria found in Porche (2019) Box 15-12 when responding to one peer Discussion Board Posting (3 points): A Position Paper, also known as a White Paper, is a tool to educate and inform the public on a specific health issue. This authoritative document takes a specific position or recommends a specific approach to solving an identified problem. Choose a White Paper and include the link. In this discussion, students will evaluate the White Paper and consider the quality and source of the message. The post should include:  ?an overview of the White Paper selected and how it relates to a health care policy effort of interest to the master’s prepared nurse – include its’ source and purpose ?how the chosen White Paper can advance current health systems, practice, and/or organizations to improve health outcomes?the selected White Papers’ impact on economic, legal, and/or regulatory processes

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