Health Care Organizations and Compliance and Responsibility

Discuss how a health care organization (HCO) can promote a culture of compliance and responsibility.  Compliance is a term that connects to both legal and ethical responsibilities. See The Joint Commission Code of Conduct. How do these codes impact HCO ethical behavior?


Through your research, identify a specific organizational structure or program that illustrates compliance with a law, the Joint Commission, or another Code of Conduct?

  1. Provide a summary description in your own words. Don’t forget to use a citation for the compliance program. EXAMPLE: Is it a training program? A handbook? An immunization initiative? A patient care involvement program? A financial management practice? Penalties for fraud detection and reporting in the organization? Policy development? Procedure (SOP) creation? Benchmarks? Engaged QA/QC consultants?
  2. Note which specific legal violations this program could address or prevent.
  3. Advise which HCO setting this program work best in.
  4. In what way does this program serve as a “best practice” for other HCOs.
  5. Is this “best practice” specific to just this setting?

Peer comments should compare and contrast their findings with others presented. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.

Assigned reading materials:

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