Health Care Discussion


1. Allow me to share a situation and I would like to know your immediate thoughts on this. We held a community meeting to get feedback on starting a Charter School. The meeting was well attended; many questions were asked, and even some of our “haters” were there and didn’t cause a problem. Overall we received 100% support. My question to you is, “what should happen if the majority vote was not to support the Charter School.” What should happen when you can’t get community buy-in on any project? Do you stop pursuing the goal?

2. As a servant leader of healthcare for my community I would look at the healthcare statistics for my area. I could also attempt to survey patients or other people in the community through mail in hand outs. I would like to see what basic care the community thinks it needs more of. As an example, if my community suffers from obesity, I would like to look into doing a pop-up clinic once or twice a month to provide free general health check-ups, refill prescriptions for high blood pressure, and provide guidance on losing weight and getting healthy. I would try to fund raise to be able to provide as much assistance to the community as possible. Healthcare is all about helping people, and I’m sure my organization would hold that belief as well. It is our mission to better the health and lives of others. Showing the community we care with some free visits, would more than likely bring us more business throughout the years anyways, so it would be a win-win for everyone.

3. Servant leaders are those folks just like me and you who work for everyone else. “Servant leaders are those who serve the people and also helps employees achieve work family-enrichment and and reduce work family conflict” (Zhou, Liu, and Xin, 2020). These are aspects that we all do every day and don’t even realize that we do. When it comes to your community, there are many aspects to consider. The “servant leader aspect is the approach to utilize when it comes to the community as you are serving your people from all walks of life. Your own personal belief is like your own mission and vision statement for yourself. So, when you incorporate this within communication, that gives you direction on where the mission is going for the company. These are all things that we need to think about to be able to be versatile for within the community. What the organization stands for you should also stand for the same thing. Sometimes there are barriers that are going to stop things from progressing. Just move on and what you believe in is what should be practiced then to make sure that you are staying true to yourself and the organization. This was the community see this and knows that you are true to your word. This type of relationship is what could improve the lives of others from time to time. When growing a relationship there has to be a bond that is grown together in order to grow the approval of the people

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