Hazel, Elizabeth and the Movement from Egocentric Thinking Towards Intellectual Virtue

The essay topic comes from your discussions and merges your thinking about Hazel and Elizabeth and how egocentric thinking lead to that awful day for Elizabeth Eckford and rest of The Little Rock Nine.

In this essay you are to inform your reader about how we can move from egocentric thinking and towards intellectual virtue. In the essay, you must inform your reader about the various types of egocentric thinking Hazel Bryan suffered from. You must suggest where this egocentric thinking came from. And you must demonstrate that Hazel either did or did not move from egocentric thinking and towards intellectual virtue as she grew older.  Of course, the essay must conclude with a consideration of the implications and consequences of what we learn from that movement or from the lack of movement away from egocentric thinking and towards intellectual virtue.

Here is a rough checklist of things this essay needs to include:

  • This essay must be between 1,500 and 1,750 words long.
  • The essay MUST be in third person. The editorial first or second may be used if used correctly. If the essay is in first person, the essay will receive a reduction of 15 points.
  • The essay MUST be fully MLA compliant (Links to an external site.).
  • This essay must directly cite five sources minimum, and no more than eight sources. One source must be the critical thinking handbook we’ve been using, and another source must be the Vanity Fair article that you’ve already read and discussed. Along with those two sources, you must cite three other sources.
  • The essay’s thesis MUST begin with a subordinating conjunction, and the thesis statement MUST come in the last sentence of the first paragraph—as we’ve been doing all semester. If the thesis statement does not follow these guidelines, the paper will suffer an automatic reduction of 10 points. The thesis must be meaningful, considering the purpose of the paper and acting as a guide toward the essay as a whole.
  • No more than 25% of the essay may be in somebody else’s words. AT LEAST 75% of the essay’s words must be your own.
  • You MUST use blended quotes as we’ve been practicing all semester. Failure to use blended quotes in at least 75% of your quotes will result in an automatic reduction of 15 points from the paper’s overall grade.
  • You MUST use at least ONE and no more than TWO indented quotes (also called hanging quotes).
  • The essay MUST use TWO images that support or advance the paper’s central point.
  • The essay MUST use intext citations correctly. Failure to cite correctly might constitute plagiarism. If it is my opinion that the paper is plagiarized, or if Turnitin flags it as deeply yellow or red on its plagiarism meter, the essay will receive a zero.
  • The essay must contain a fully MLA compliant works cited section that comes AFTER the paper’s text. If the works cited section is incomplete or not MLA compliant, the paper will suffer a reduction of at least 10 points and as many as 20 points depending on the level of non-compliance.
  • The essay is due In no case will an essay be accepted late. If the essay is late, it will receive a zero. At this point in the semester, you know how to manage your time and your technologies.

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