Harley Davidson Marketing Strategies

The purpose of this project is to critically evaluate the marketing strategies of a specific company. you must learn all you can about the company and the industry through published sources and through conversations with knowledgeable representatives of the company.
The completed paper should be seven- to eight-pages of content (not counting the cover page, references, or appendices) and in proper APA format. It should also include any relevant material in the appendices (e.g. interview dialogue), and a complete reference list. You must use at least four scholarly sources (one should be your textbook). All sources must be properly cited in-text and on the reference page. Include your biblical perspective in any section(s) you choose.
The content of the paper should include all of these sub-heading sections:
The Company and Product & Company History (up to one page)
Describe the products for this company.
Describe the features and benefits of the products/services offered.
External and Internal Environment
Who are the major competitors for the company? How does your company compare in ranking of sales or other measures? (Hint: use sources such as Statista, Business Insider, etc.)
Create a SWOT analysis for this specific company. Your instructor would prefer the four-square graphic representation as shown in the textbook, but it is not required. Remember, strengths and weaknesses are internal (within) the company, and opportunities and threats are external (outside) the company.
Product Mix and Segmentation/Target Market
Use your Session 3 Milestone assignment and feedback from your instructor to write this section of your assignment.
Specifically identify the product mix and segmentation/target market(s) in terms of what we learned in Session 3. Is there more than one type of target customer?
Be sure to address how the company demonstrates ethical and sustainable standards. How would you add a biblical perspective to their policies or actions? What Scripture would you choose for this company and support your biblical perspective? (This information was covered in Session 1.)
Pricing and Distribution
Use your Session 4 Milestone assignment and feedback from your instructor to write this section of your assignment.
Specifically identify and describe the pricing strategy for your selected company.
Describe the company’s channel of distribution. Do they have their own stores, salesforce, or use wholesalers?
Which ecommerce methods are used (look for products on Amazon and other retailer sites, as well as the company’s website — do they sell directly to the consumer)?
How are products delivered or shipped to the customer? Is there anything unique or creative they are doing?
Promotional Strategy
What is the company’s integrated marketing communications strategy? What is consistent in their messaging?
What advertising and promotion channels do they use?
How do they use social marketing or websites to promote themselves?
Are personal selling and public relations important to this company? Describe and evaluate the appropriateness of personal selling and public relations.
Suggest any promotional strategies that may help your company grow.
What have you learned from this company? Overall, what is the performance level of this company? What are the important factors concerning marketing that have contributed to the success or failure of this specific company?
What (if anything) would you do differently? What would you suggest to your company for a future action plan concerning its strategic marketing?

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