Hard Candy Infringement Lawsuit

Read Case 3.1, regarding the Hard Candy Infringement lawsuit. (screenshots uploaded numbered 1-7)

Please draft a case brief for this opinion. (As a guide, please look at the brief case examples of other cases i provided)

After preparing the case brief, answer the following questions:

Why do you think Hard Candy might have wanted the suit in Florida in the first place?; and
Do you think that the court’s decision, or even the law, is fair? (Why or why not?)
Ensure that you justify you conclusion(s) and explain your thoughts.

You may keep your posts brief but please ensure that they are meaningful.

Your response will be graded for its content as well as adherence to the requirements. I will be looking at your understanding of the course material, your ability to summarize and explain it, and your spelling and grammar when grading this assignment.

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