Gun Control: Policy Analysis Brief

This is not an opinion or an advocacy piece: you must approach gun control as an unbiased analyst.

Clarity is the goal and accuracy is essential, no jargon or conversational phrases. Statements, facts and figures must be supported with citations.

State 2-3 policy option “asks”(no more than 3!). These should be realistic, highly specific policy recommendations for action regarding gun control. These recommendations must be feasible (e.g. not we must adopt a single payer health care system!)
1. Background check
2. Increase Age Limit
3. Required Gun Training with renewal

Rationale for Policy Recommendations
a) Discuss economic and non-economic savings/losses of your recommendations.
b) Evidence that proposed solution will make a difference.
c) What will happen if government does not intervene, the problem goes unaddressed?
d) What is anticipated from the opposing stakeholder groups?
e) Ease of implementation and a timeline for implementation.
f) Enforceability of the recommendations. Consider who would monitor for compliance and the costs of monitoring.

References should be annotated with a brief description of any political bias within each reference or source. Use common sense here. Step outside your comfort zone and use references that politicians use. You may want to contact stakeholders, call government offices to get unpublished information that will make your analysis shine.

Subject to review from faculty and revisions as needed. Example of additional information on how to approach policy brief is provided

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