Group Thinking and Free Speech

Sources must include Greg Lukianoff Unlearning liberty & We the people by Thomas E. Patterson & 4 more scholarly sources that are cited within the paper that back up the thesis. 
Make your own informed and considered argument about what reasonable limitations should college/university administrators he allowed to place on open dialogue and debate on campus. 
Your analysis should answer one or more of the following research questions:
Why is open dialogue and debate, and being exposed to alternative ideas and arguments important and valuable for college students and America in general? Why do administrators believe they need to interfere in the ability of their students to express their selves and at what point, if any, is it allowable or even necessary to restrict the expression of controversial, inflammatory, and or potentially discriminatory ideas or expressions? What are the potential negative consequences of not placing the value of open dialogue so important it is worth risking those negatives?

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