Grief counseling with Juvenile

You are required to choose a group counseling topic you would like to research and for which you will develop a six-week group framework plan. The instructor must approve your topic in advance. Sample topics could include:
Grief counseling
Self-esteem building
Conflict resolution
Social skills
Interpersonal communication
School achievement skills
Decision making (college/career focus)
School transitions
Parenting education
Your counseling plan needs to specify the population for whom the group is tailored. You also need to include relevant research regarding effective small group intervention plans for this topic and population. You will then design (in outline form) a 6-week, small group counseling plan based on this research. You are required to submit the assignment in written form. Your written paper needs to follow the outline form below. Please make sure you address each point in the outline.
The outline of this group counseling plan will include the following sections:
Is this topic more appropriate for small or large group? Highlight why individual counseling wasn’t chosen.
What is your specific population of focus for this group? (e.g., court mandated clients, children who have lost a loved one, adolescents with school difficulties, couples, etc.)
Characteristics of Group Leaders
What group leader characteristics are necessary for successful group facilitation?
How does the type and formulation of the group impact your group leader selection and facilitation?
Culturally Relevant Strategies for Designing and Facilitating Groups
How do cultural and diversity factors impact development and facilitation of your group?
What steps have you taken to insure these strategies are in place?
What does the research suggest as effective interventions for this population?
What does the research show was ineffective for working with this population?
Group Counseling Plan
Clearly outline at least 6 sessions for the group
Include the following for each session:
Objectives for each session
Materials needed for each session
Step-by-step instructions for leading the lessons, including process questions the leader should ask with the activities
Any additional materials (e.g., worksheets, handouts) the leader will need
In addition to the group, what (if anything) should the counselor do to ensure that the client’s needs are met in this topic area?
What would you recommend to counselors planning to lead this group?
APA style is required
At least 5 professional references must be used (no websites or self-help books)

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