Article Review

The purpose of the assignment is to teach you how to access and use the Open Sources dealing with subjects related to military intelligence, and to prepare effective reviews and analyses of selected articles. It also intends to make sure you know how to use SafeAssign as a tool to help your writing. Finally, it also gives you a look at what will be required in the written assignments to come. To reach these objectives, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Access the following web sites to retrieve, download, and read an article relevant to some aspect of military intelligence research. Your selected article must be no older than 5 years. Approved sites are The Jamestown Foundation (, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (, EurasiaNet (, Russia-Eurasia Terror Watch (, or Stratfor Global Intelligence ( While lengths of articles on the sites will vary, be sure to select one which has sufficient length to provide a basis for analysis. Remember that you must select an article that enables you to respond in accordance with guidance in the grading rubric.

Step 2: Write an essay on your article and divide it into sections that reflect the content-related graded criteria in the grading rubric. Be sure to review all of the graded criteria, content-related or presentation-related. These criteria will be the basis for the score you will receive on the paper.

Step 3: Submit the paper into the Article Review—Draft submission box. When the SafeAssign score and report are available, take note of the SafeAssign score and open the SafeAssign report and examine it. Use SafeAssign to help you make sure you have complete source documentation and that you do not include extraneous quoted material. The goal is to reach a similarity index of less than 25%. If you receive an index greater than 25%, you may have unintentionally plagiarized.

Step 4: Return to your original essay.

Step 5: Add a section entitled: “Summary and Reactions to SafeAssign Report”. In this section, summarize the results of your SafeAssign report in 1–2 paragraphs. Then, interpret the report. What do your results indicate? Why? What are your reactions to the report?

Step 6: Submit the final essay, titled “Article Review,” with your last name in the filename.. Your entire assignment must total at least 800 words (not including the SafeAssign section). Also include a link to the online source on the Reference Page and/or at the beginning of your essay.

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