Government Procurement

Choose an article from a professional supply chain journal that focuses on Procurement Strategy

Write a 500- to 700-word summary of the article to include how the article content relates to your current organization’s procurement practices. Ensure your address what your organization can do differently based on the article. If no improvements are required, please address the world-class practices being used compared to the article.

Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level undergraduate class.

Instructor Hints for Success: Journal examples to consideration might include Supply Chain Management Review, Government Procurement.

On-line journals that may help include;,, American City & County’s Procurement Section, and Supply Chain 24/7,

If you stuggle to find an article for your analysis reach out to me for a suggestion. Please use the APA template for undergraduate Senior 400 series courses and the APA Writing and Style Guideline available from the Library for all your papers. These should be offered through the Academic Resources box on the right side of the e-Learning System. Additional references beyond our primary text for your academic analysis are not required.


Question 2

Many businesses are emphasizing or are adopting trends such as “Greening” the supply chain, reevaluating outsourcing, integrating IT, and so on. Identify an organization and describe recent trends in possible future strategies and/or trends in location.

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