Government In A Pandemic


For this assignment, we’ll be reviewing “Government in a Pandemic” by the CATO Institute. This policy analysis covers a lot of ground on issues related to the pandemic. Here are some of the general themes they carry throughout this paper:

  • “Government does have important roles to play in a pandemic, but those roles are consistent with the principles of limited government.”
  • “Under the philosophy of limited government, government can intervene to address market failures.”
  • “Under limited government, interventions’ benefits must outweigh their costs and must not violate protected rights.”

Before you read this policy analysis, I would highly recommend reviewing the foundational principles of the CATO Institute itself ( (Links to an external site.)). This will give you some helpful context to understand the positions they take in their paper. Here are my expectations for this assignment:

  • Your critical review paper (white paper) should be 5-7 pages in length, double spaced. Longer is certainly fine if you want to elaborate on any issues.
  • Overall, you’ll be commenting on their analysis and the conclusions they make. Do you agree with or take exception to elements in their analysis?
  • Our preceding module was on “The Role of Government” in a pandemic so the timing of this assignment is good. It will also set the stage for future discussions on issues we’ll dive into in future modules.
  • Given this this is a review paper, it’s fine if you just want to comment on the policy analysis itself. At the same time, if you want to reference other sources of information to support your conclusions, please do a proper citation per our syllabus.
  • If you want to focus on certain aspects of the CATO Institute Policy Analysis, that’s fine, but I would also like you to include comments on their broader conclusions as well.

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