Globalization Research Paper

  • What is meant by the term free trade? Is free trade compatible with the concept of mercantilism?
  • Mercantilism viewed trade as a zero sum game, discuss Adam Smith’s and Ricardo’s stand on this view.Also discuss the phenomenon of neo-mercantilism.
  • What is meant by the term soft power?Discuss how this give US advantages over other nations?
  • How would you make a convincing case that open trade and services as well as free flow of foreign direct investment will enhance the well-being of (consumers), (b) producers, (c)the governments of countries?Give specific examples to prove your position.
  • Is the Smoot-Hawley plan better or worse than “Buy American? Buy Spanish? Or “British jobs for British workers?Explain fully.
  • What is meant by Market failures?Please provide specific examples
  • Less developing countries chose government intervention in the management of their domestic economies over free market approach as the best road for economic prosperity. Please explain the preference for government intervention in the domestic economy over free market approach in developing countries?
  • Why have most regional groups not been able to integrate beyond trade issues the way the EU has been able to?

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