Global Free Trade

Question 1

1) After World War II, there was a consensus in the Western countries that there should be commitment to global free trade, although from the beginning it was clear that “Communist Countries” would not participate. Nonetheless, a series of multi-year negotiating “Round” was launched in the late 1940s, and at last count has completed nine rounds. Discuss the successes and failures over this entire period of time. (3 pages)

2) Less Developed Countries (LDCs) were somewhat skeptical of the benefits of institutions set up after WW II. Were they right? Discuss. (3 pages)

3) There are quite a few qualifications that have emerged in trying to push the objective of global free trade. Discuss as many of these arguments “against” free trade as you feel are significant. (3 pages)

Question 2

1. Why “precarious employment” is preferable than “non-standard employment”? (Explain both terms)

2. Family friendly practices, related to gender, economic theories say about this

3. How can decide if he should migrate to other labor market using cost-benefit analysis?

4. What’s early retirement and what’s modified retirement? How do they minimize the effect of labor shortage?

Question 3

Two discussion 150-300 limit for each discussion

discussion 1

Discuss the role of derivatives market in the financial market system.

discussion 2

Discuss the credit crisis of 2007.

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