Global Ethics

Students may select any article/ text from those listed below. They are all readings from Weeks 2-5 of the module. For the selected article/ text, the review needs to do the following in up to 1000 words:
• Summarise the argument(s) of the article/ text (approx. 200 words);
• Explain how the argument(s) of the article/ text relates to ethical perspectives/ debates in Global Ethics (approx. 300 words);
• Evaluate (assess the strengths and weaknesses) of the argument(s) of the article/ text (approx. 500 words).

Pick one of these texts:
D. Miller “The Ethical Significance of Nationality” Ethics 98 (4) 1988: 647-62.
O O’Neill “Lifeboat Earth”, Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol.4, No. 3 (Spring, 1975): 273-292.
E. C. Hupfer “Humanitarian Nations”, Journal of Global Ethics 18(3) 2022: 312-329.
C. R. Beitz “Humanitarianism and Human Rights in Morality and Practice”,in M. N. Barnett (ed) Humanitarianism and Human Rights: A World of Difference? (Cambridge University Press, 2020): 71-88.
H. Shue “Equity in an International Agreement on Climate Change”, in Henry Shue Climate Justice: Vulnerabilityand Protection, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019: 109-122.

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