Global Economies

Question 1

Please write an 800 word memo on a critical issue in International Marketing. The critical issue that you select must be the description of a trend, development, phenomenon, event or movement that is likely to impact international marketing and/or the global economy in a significant manner. A good example would be Brexit and its impact on the British economy and, by extension, the European and Global Economies. Another potential topic would be a discussion of how the economic slowdown in China is impacting the global economy. Your memo must explain the causes and the implications of the critical issue that you select. You will be graded on the basis of the clarity, quality and content of your memo. Please make certain that your memo has a clear introduction and conclusion.

Question 2

The World Bank’s website offers briefings on the more than 216 countries representing all stages of development. Start your search by country (e.g., Albania). Then, investigate the various statistics and review the country profile link. Look at things like whether income is rising, GDP is growing, employment, and other signs of strength or weakness in the economy. Review and report on the data bank and economic data of the country of your choice by writing a short paper. Be sure to cite appropriate sources (including the text) to support your comments using APA format. Your paper should be 3 pages and double spaced. It should have a cover page and reference page. Include tables as needed.

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